Spotify Premium Code Generator

It is obvious that your intention when arriving to this page is to find a way to get free Spotify premium code so you can enjoy this high quality music service without really spending a dime. Don’t worry, you are on the right web page now. With our brand new Spotify code generator you will be able to get free Spotify codes anytime you want. You can forget paying for their subscription and still be able to enjoy the premium features.

Click the button below to start using our new online code generator program. You will find the program is very easy to use. We designed the interface as simple as possible, without compromise the function, so that everyone will be able to operate it without a problem.


You can watch the video below to see how it works. Click the video title to watch it on Youtube for better quality.

How Our Spotify Premium Crack Program Works?

First of all, this is not really a crack or hack tool. The purpose of this application is to generate Spotify premium code you can redeem on your account. This generator will give you a unique code on each run. Means, no one will ever get the same code. All the code is generated randomly on each run, but it will make sure that the codes have been generated before removed from the list. This ensures everyone will always get unique unused code so it will be valid when redeemed.

Those free Spotify premium codes are generated randomly to avoid any detection. We will continue updating the user interface to implement this. Sometimes we will let users to choose the monthly subscription code they want to generate. Other times we will remove that feature and will let the tool randomly generate the code. This is designed like that to avoid any footprints that can lead to detection and will make this program to stop working.

Without revealing too much information about how this Spotify premium generator works, basically, we use the same generating algorithm as what they use to generate their code. In essence, they use certain ‘way’ to generate the codes they sell to the members. They try their best to ensure no one can create the same codes to protect their business.

Luckily, after trying to ‘decode’ their algo, we finally can create our own algorithm that is very similar to theirs so we can also generate codes that will be valid when redeemed on any accounts. Their detection system can’t see any different between the free premium codes from us and the real codes released by them.

Is It Safe To Use Our Spotify Code Generator?

The simple answer is, yes, it is safe to use this generator. There is no risk involved here, it is safe for you, for your Spotify account as well as for your device. Let us explain this issue in a more detailed explanation below.

Online Application

This is the first and most important aspect to discuss when it comes to this safety and security concerns. As you can see once you visit the generator page above, this is an online program that runs directly from your browser. The program itself is hosted on our off shore server, you only access the user interface from your browser to input the required information. The entire operation of this tool is done inside the server, using its own resources, and it uses the data center facility to connect to the net.

Virus Free

Since it is run from the server this is why you don’t have to download anything. You just visit the generator page, which essentially just an interface, to put the data required. As there is nothing to download there will be no risk about getting infected by virus, spyware, and similar things. It is definitely safe for your device since you are accessing a common web page like any other pages out there.


As it is installed on our server hosted on an offshore data center, you will be totally anonymous. Your IP address can’t be traced since basically it uses the data center facility. We implement an anonymous proxy feature inside the program, but it is to protect ourselves. It will prevent getting detected easily by covering our traces behind anonymous proxies. However, yours, in this case will never be used. In simple words, you can use it safely from anywhere, even from your home without any risk.

Random Codes

As mentioned above, this tool will only give you random code you can redeem o your account. They can’t detect it as a code generated by our tool, or else you won’t be able to redeem it. Those codes can be redeemed on any account so you will not risk yourself get detected from using or redeeming it on your account. There is no way they can differentiate the code, if they can, they will not approve it when you redeem. It’s as simple as that.

To add more layer of security for yourself, you can follow this suggestion. Just do it if it is possible, your safety is totally covered here as explained above. This additional step is only to put more ease on your mind.

You can run this program from any device with a browser and connected to the net. Yes, you can use it from a laptop or tablet, or even your smart phone. Now, use any mobile device you have, in this example, you can use your smart phone.

Now, find a free public wifi connection, and connect your phone to that wifi. Access the generator page above from your phone, and run it. Collect the code and safe it somewhere, or just write it down. Now, create a new Spotify account, and use it to redeem that code. You will have a double anonymity by doing these additional steps.

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