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League of Legends is, and still, very popular right now. There are thousands of players from around the globe playing this online game every single day. It’s no surprise that people are looking for a working League of Legends hack program to help them beat other players easily. Some players keep looking for free riot points they can use to pay game items to help them achieve the winning.

And I believe this is also your intention when visiting this page, to find a valid Riot Points generator program that will let you to just generate free RP to your account, anytime you need. And yes, you are in a good luck. With our brand new released RP generator tool, you can have them all for free. You can also get free Influence Points as well at the same time.

Click the “generate now” button below to visit our generator online page. You can just use it right away and reap the points you want. Or simply familiarize yourself first with all the menus and forms, and keep reading this page if you still want to know more about this program before using it.


How The Riot Points Generator Work?

Basically, this application can be used to generate free riot points to any account you want, be it yours or anyone else account. At the same time, it can also help you generate free Influence points. Just input the required info on the available forms, I believe you can operate it easily as everything is very clear. Hot the generate button, and you will have the points delivered to the account in a few minutes.

Of course that is the simple words in describing the generator. The actual process is of course far more complex than that. However, we can’t discuss about it in detail here cause that information is not for public consumption. Talking about it publicly will only make this application stop to works.

What we can say about it here is just that we are able to develop this program after we found a security loophole on their data server. Through the loophole we are able to access the entire section of the server and we can do anything from the inside. We then developed a special program installed on our server, and made a graphical user interface to help users operate the tool. And that is what you see from the online generator page above, the GUI where you can also use our program easily.

Is It Safe to Use Our RP Generator Safe?

Yes, of course it is safe to use the tool. We have been using it for more than a year and nothing happen to us or our League of Legend account. We have put various measurements, features, as well as limitation to ensure users can use it easily but at the same time stay undetected. In essence, yes it is for you to use the tool and your account will also be safe. Let’s talk about it in a more detailed discussion.

Online Program

This program is actually just a gateway for users to connect to League of Legends server. The generator is installed on our server and users can access it from the user interface page above. This way users can generate the free points without the need to know anything about programming, hacking, coding, and other geeks terms. They just need to visit the page, put the info needed, click the button, and wait for the points stored on their account. That’s the actual process done when you run this application.

Virus Free

As you only access the generator from your browser, there will be no need to download any single thing here. It will, of course, remove the worry about virus and similar malicious things. No worry about having your system injected or your sensitive information stolen. It’s just similar to visiting regular pages, no risk at all. If you have bad experiences with bogus program before that contain virus, this will never happen with our online application.


Remember, the tool is a gateway, it means users only access the application on our server. It is our program that actually access LoL server. It means users cannot get traced back. If their security team find suspicious thing and track it back, all they will see is just our traces, which in this case have been covered properly. Basically, users will be anonymous and untraceable. They can use it from home using their internet connection without any worry.

Random Account

What we mean here is, users can just use any account they want. They can use their real account that contains their real information details, but it is not suggested here. It is suggested to create new account with random information to run the program. It will make users more anonymous and untraceable. However, it is not really necessary, if you want, you can always use your real account, Don’t worry, everything has been covered properly here.

So, for those of you who are looking for free riot points, here is your answer. Use our Riot Points online generator application above. Run the program and enjoy the best experiences in playing League of Legends without spending any money ever.

Enjoy the free points, but please don’t just play that online game all day. You surely still have other important things to do with your life. It’s also not healthy to simply sit all day, you also need to move your body. Have fun and stay healthy and productive.

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