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With our latest Paypal cash generator online program now it is possible for everyone to simply generate free Paypal money to their account. The free funds will be available just the same as your common balance, means you can do whatever you want with it just like usual. You can use it to pay items or services you bought, you can transfer it to anyone account, as well as withdraw the balance to your bank account. It’s your money you can do anything with it, as Paypal can’t see any difference here.

Before I go with more detailed explanation regarding this online cash generator, and before you start use it, please watch the video below first. It will show you how this tool works so you can use it easily, though the interface is very user friendly. And it is also as a proof that this program really works. For better quality you can click the video title to watch it directly on Youtube.

Click the generator button below to start running the tool and collect your free cash now. Or, you can keep reading this page first if you want to understand more about our application before running it.

How This Paypal Hack Works?

Of course, for an obvious reason, we can’t reveal the secret behind this generator. It’s not because we don’t want to share the info, but sharing that kind of information to the public will only ruin it all and makes the method stops working cause it will only help Paypal to patch the loophole. We don’t want that to happen, right? So of course we will never reveal it to the public. After all, our users don’t really care about that. All they care is just a working program that will deliver free funds to their balance. And we have that.

However, we can give you a little clue on this, we hope this little info will help you ensure that this program is real. Our generator works by exploiting a very secret security loophole found on their data base system that allows us to access it as an admin. With an admin privilege of course we can do anything from the inside. If you watch the video above closely you will see there is no ‘transaction record’ on our Paypal account. That is one of the magic.

Accessing the server and database as an admin that way is actually done in a “text base environment” that 99% of the users won’t be able to do anything. That is why we develop this application to help you run it and get the free cash. We definitely can do many things inside the server with that kind of access, but we just put the money generating process that can be done from our tool. Even, we put some limitations on it to prevent abusive usages from the users. We will talk about that limits later down the page.

Why Release This Paypal Money Generator to Public?

You probably think something similar like this “if I were you I will just use it to myself and won’t let anyone know about it”. And to tell you the truth, that was exactly what happened before. We knew about this all since last year and have milk it for our own uses. But after sometimes we realized that it will be better for all of us if we just release it to the public. For this exact single reason, random factor.

We found that it is far easier for Paypal to detect suspicious activities if only a few people use the tool. The more people use it, the harder it is for them to detect it. We found it when we started to release it to some of our friends, and the tool actually lasted for longer time compared to when we just use it for ourselves.

Then we decided to just release it to the public, and we can say that it is now really hard for their security staffs to detect this all. In the past we have to update our program each week to keep it works, now it has been several months without releasing any update. That is the reason why we let public know and use our program for free. It will keep it working for longer time as the more people use it the more random it will be.

Is The Paypal Money Hack Safe to Use?

Yes, of course it is safe to use. This program is designed as a gateway for the users so they can also have the admin access. However, we design the user interface so it will only let users to generate the money, and not letting them to access different parts of the server database. This way we can make sure that no one will do any kind of abusive activities that can risk all of us, including risking the program to stop to work.

There are other things worth a mention here regarding this safety as well as security issue as follow.

Online Application

As you already know by now, this is an online generator. It is hosted and installed inside our own off shore server. It runs directly from it, not from your machine or device. You in essence only access the user interface page to input the info needed, the amount of cash and the Paypal ID used. The entire works are done from our server, using our resources and using data center internet connection.

Virus Free

As you run it from your browser, you will not need to download it first. You also don’t need any additional programs for it, just your browser. Since you don’t download anything here, you can ensure that it is surely safe from any kind of virus, spyware, and other similar malicious programs. Basically, you just access a regular page, no different like accessing your email from a browser, so it is safe, no risk for you or your device.


As you will see on the generator page above, there is a proxy feature included. You actually don’t need that, as the program runs from our server so your IP address is hidden so you cannot be tracked down. However, please make sure to use that feature. We put random anonymous proxy over there to help this tool stays undetected. But essentially you don’t have to worry about your privacy or getting detected, even your ISP can’t see you run this tool, let alone the Paypal team.


As a browser based application, runs from your browser, this program has no compatibility problem. It can run on any device and machine that is connected to internet and have a browser installed. You can use it from your laptop or desktop computer, no matter if it runs under Linux, Windows, or Mac. You can use your tablet or smart phone smoothly whether it is under iOS or Android platform. The responsive design will ensure you can run it on a tiny screen without any difficulties.

Up to Date

Since we install it on our own server we will have the ability to update the application anytime needed. We have to regularly update our program to ensure it keeps working as well as maintain its security and safety aspects, like changing the anonymous proxy list with brand new ones. We can do it faster and easier since we have full access to it. Users will always have an access to the working version without the need to download it again or download the new updates.

Cash Limit

Besides limiting the users ability to use the program when accessing the server, we also put a limitation on the amount of the money they can generate on each run. We keep changing the limit to ensure no footprint left. It is not for your safety actually. It is implemented to prevent abusive usages from the users side that will only make the program can be detected easily. Don’t worry, you can run it again and again so that limitation won’t really affect you.

Another thing we should talk about here is about the Paypal account used when running this program. It is highly suggested for users to always use a brand new account to receive the money. You don’t have to verify that account, it is okay to receive money from an unverified account. As you can see from the video above, you have watched it right, we also used a new unverified Paypal account when doing the demo.

This, along with the anonymous proxy and cash limit feature, will make it even more random. If all users always use new account, there will be hundreds of account used at every single day. This will make it almost impossible to detect suspicious activities from the uses of this application. This way, hopefully, this generator will keep running smoothly so we can use it for a very long time.

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