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Having the ability to buy anything you want from Amazon online store would be awesome, right? It would even better if we don’t have to spend a dime for those products. That is why many people are keep looking for free Amazon gift card that will let them to get items from that store without really spend any money. If this is also what you want then you have arrived at the right website.

We have just released our new version of Amazon gift card code generator program. This online generator will let you generate free Amazon gift card codes you can redeem on your account, and use the money to pay the products you buy. So yes, it is possible to shop on this biggest online retailer without really spend your hard earned money.

Go visit our online code generator page by clicking the button below. Please do it now to help you understand the tool interface. You don’t have to use it now, you can do that later after reading our explanation regarding this program down this page below.

You can also watch the video below to see how to use this generator. It’s also as a proof that our program really works.

How Our Amazon Gift Card Code Generator Works

First of all, this is just a simple explanation to ensure our users that this application is real and valid. We will not expose the exact secret how it works publicly, as it will be a stupid move. It will only help them patching the loophole we are exploiting to make it works. And we believe that most of the users will give no care about it, all they care is just getting their free Amazon codes.

In essence, Amazon generates their gift card codes using their own program implementing specific rules or algorithm. This is done like that to ensure people cannot create their own codes. When a code is redeemed they validate it with their algo, if it matches the funds will be delivered to the users account. If the code can’t pass the validation, no funds will be delivered.

However, after trying for months, finally we are able to decode the algorithm used by Amazon to generate their card codes. We finally can create our own code that will bypass the validation and actually collect the funds in our account. We then developed this generator to make it available to the public so people can also get their free Amazon card code and use it to buy items they want on the store.

We release this Amazon code generator freely for a purpose. We want it to be used by lots of people so they can’t detect this all easily. The more people use it, the more codes generated and redeemed on different accounts, from around the world, the harder it will be for them to detect this thing. That’s why we decided to make it available for anyone. This is not because we are the new online Robin Hood, not at all.

Our Amazon Gift Card Generator Is Safe to Use

Some of you probably will ask whether it is safe to use this program or not. Maybe you have bad experiences before with different tools out there. Yes, those fake tools not only don’t work, many of them actually just virus or similar programs designed to steal your personal information like password, or simply to ruin your system. Okay, let’s talk more about this.

Online Application

This is the core fact that should be discussed first here cause other things will be talked later will be related to this. We install the program, or script in this case, in our server. Users can use it by accessing the user interface from their browser where they can input the required information. However, once they hit the generate button, the process is done inside our server.

Virus Free

Since users access it from the browser, there will be no need to download anything to use this tool. No additional programs needed as well, just a browser. It means users will not have to worry about having infected by virus and the similar. Many of you probably have such experience when they used bogus tools before. This will not be a problem with our generator.


Remember that this application will only generate codes can be redeemed on users account. The codes are generated using similar algorithm used by Amazon itself so it is impossible to detect if it is generated by our tool, or the codes will not be valid when redeemed. They can’t see any difference here so it is safe to use it even on your real account.

Random Codes

This generator will yield random codes that are unique from each other so users will always get different code each time. The codes will have random amount of money in it. You probably will get a code worth of $100 or $50 or other values. We sometimes will change the user interface and put a list of available amounts you can choose. We did that to ensure it is random enough to avoid ‘red flag’ detection by their fraud system, which is really great.

The last thing we should mention here is that the Amazon gift card codes generated by our application can be redeemed on any Amazon store, regardless of the country it is. Be it US, De, UK, or any other countries, you can redeem the code there without any difference.

So, if you want to have free Amazon gift card, now you have found the answer. Use our Amazon code generator now by clicking the provided button above, and reap the codes and use it to pay items you want to buy from this giant online retailer.

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